I help bring your brand, story and offering to life across all touch points.

From strategy to brand development to digital experiences, social media and integrated marketing campaigns, Caliholm brings it all together in one place.
Caliholm is your creative partner and an extension to your marketing team: a perfect combination of Scandinavian simplicity and soulful Californian approach to power up your growth—for you and your company.
Brand Strategy
Story Telling
Event Design
UX/UI Webdesign
Social Media

Idea Maker. Imagineer. Freelance.
Consultant. In-house Designer. Art Director. Team Player.

MISSION + vision

Simplify it -
go for the core

Peel away the layers of a business’ purpose, simplify it and go for the core of the clients true story and mission.
By staying firmly connected to a brand’s soul and reason to be, I develop unique and ownable brand experiences that are relevant, immediate and engaging. From succinct idea to amplified message, I help you tell your real story across all touchpoints and nurture the core of your company. Let’s discover together how to match your mission and vision.

Brand Visual Identity
Brand Strategy
UI/UX Webdesign
Social Media Branding
Story Telling
Packaging Design
Print Media
Tradeshow/Event Design

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professional EXPERIENCE

An adventure of great relationships

My name is Sofia Bergin. With over 20 years as a digital designer in a global work environment, both in San Diego, California and in Stockholm, Sweden, my professional experience has given me the fortune to collaborate with many different branches and businesses.

I am a skilled communicator with a clear point of view on how to take brands and conceptual design to the next level. I enjoy a proactive and positive approach to problem-solving and have a collaborative mindset.

I absolutely love what I do, and am a self-motivated and energetic individual with a high level of initiative. I take pride and joy in being an inspiration to my team and believe that having fun along the way, creates the best results.

I have received positive feedback throughout my career for creating an optimistic and energetic work environment and engage in collaborations with empathy and a focus on results. I look forward to the chance to contribute to the colorful culture of your company.


Meaningful User-Experiences

Bra UX-design visar vägen från punkt A till B, vanligtvis från besökets början till ögonblicket då köpet slutförs. Riktigt bra UX-design gör precis samma sak, men ser även till att besöket i sig är värt kundens tid och ansträngning. Med detta tankesätt når vi rätt balans mellan kortsiktiga affärsmål och långsiktigt varumärkesbyggande.
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